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Citizen of the Year Nomination Form

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  2. The Citizen of the Year Award is given to recognize a Longmeadow citizen who, through their personal involvement, leadership abilities, and selfless giving of their time and talent over the previous 12 months, has positively affected Longmeadow and the lives of its citizens. The Citizen of the Year Award is presented to a citizen who exemplifies a lifetime of distinguished volunteer service to the Town of Longmeadow and the community.


    Nominees must be a resident of Longmeadow. The Citizen of the Year Award shall not be given to any current Longmeadow elected board member, community board and committee member, or Town of Longmeadow employee, based on services directly related to his or her responsibilities as an employee, committee member or board member. Written nominations should include the following information:


    A. The nominee’s contributions to the welfare and betterment of the community;

    B. Evidence of the nominee’s lasting contribution to the community;

    C. The nominee’s participation in community activities and civic enterprises;   


    The Citizen of the Year will be announced annually at the Annual Town Meeting. The recipient will receive a certificate and will have their name listed on the “Citizen of the Year” plaque currently located on the main floor of the Longmeadow Town Hall.


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