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Town of Longmeadow Emergency Management Special Event Form

  1. Special Event Application and Plan
  2. Section 1: Event Information and Overview

    To be filled out by the applicant

  3. Please upload map layout of event. If a road race/walk or parade, please upload the proposed route in addition. Please Note: If a road race or parade is the event type, please fill out the road race application. If a street closure is deemed necessary with this application, please fill out the street closure application. (Both linked in section 4)

  4. Please describe the proposed event thoroughly. 

  5. Section 2: Organizer Contact Information

    To be filled out by the applicant. Who will be the main point(s) of contact for organization of the event? 

  6. Section 3: Event Safety Plan

    To be filled out by the applicant. 

  7. Any event with anticipated participation of 500 people or more, will require a meeting with Pubic Safety to review the event.

  8. In the case the event needs to be postponed or cancelled prior to the event, or needs to be cancelled or temporarily halted during the event due to weather or other circumstances, how will you notify participants?  

  9. In the case of a medical emergency during the event, what is your plan?

  10. Items such as trash and restroom facilities are the responsibility of the event organizers. Is there a plan for rest rooms and trash / recycling management?

  11. Has a separate insurance policy been taken for this event? If so, a copy of the policy certificate must accompany the form and with other permit applications as required.

  12. Please upload policy if applicable.

  13. Applicant Acknowledgement

    I acknowledge that I am responsible for the organization of this event and coordination with relevant Town Departments for public safety purposes. I also agree to complete any additional applications / obtain permits that are necessary to hold this event 

  14. To be signed by one of the primary event organizers listed in section 2.

  15. Section 4: Relevant Supporting Applications and Resources

    To be filled out by the applicant. 

  16. Section 5: Approval and Recommendations

    To be filled out by relevant Town Departments. 

    Shared Google Sheets Drive "Town Department Sign Off Sheet (Special Event Plan/Application)"

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