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Request for Wetlands Control Enforcement

  1. Request for Wetlands Control Enforcement

    The Town of Longmeadow’s Conservation Commission is charged with protecting Longmeadow’s wetland resource areas in accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the Longmeadow Wetlands Control Bylaw (Longmeadow General Bylaws, Article II, Chapter 700) and supporting regulations. Per state law, the Conservation Commission or its agent may not enter private property to conduct inspections unless: (1) the property owner consents to the entry; (2) an administrative search warrant is issued by a court; or (3) there is an emergency situation requiring immediate entry. The property owner is ultimately responsible for bringing property into compliance with State and Town law.


    Note: By submitting a Request for Wetlands Control Enforcement form, you are filing a formal written complaint which becomes a public document. All Requests for Wetlands Control Enforcement should be submitted in writing via this form; the Town is not obligated to act upon any anonymous complaints or non-written submissions. The Town will inform the complainant in writing of any decision not to enforce the Wetlands Control Bylaw in response to the complaint as required by law. Wetlands enforcement findings and actions may be appealed to the Superior Court in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 249, Section 4. Complainants and any other members of the public will not be informed regarding ongoing interactions between the Town and the allegedly offending party, including any decision to enforce.



    1. Read the form carefully and respond in completion. Incomplete forms cannot be acted upon.
    2. The form must be signed with an original or electronic signature. Anonymous and/or unsigned forms will not be accepted.
    3. Deliver the completed form to the Conservation Commission’s Office via mail, email, or in person.
  3. I, the Complainant, am requesting an investigation and enforcement, if applicable, and certify under the pains and penalties of perjury that the information provided in this Request for Wetlands Control Enforcement form is true and correct. I am basing my allegations on the facts included in my Request for Enforcement, and understand that as the complainant, I may be asked to join the enforcement agent at court should legal proceedings be required to enforce the violated regulations.

    By submitting my name and contact information below, I am providing my electronic signature.

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