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All taxpayers are welcome to call this office (413-565-4115) for assistance and clarification of any question or concerns that they have about their value or data on property cards. We will gladly provide information and assist you in any way that we can. Only your state senator or state representative can change laws and regulations pertaining to cities and towns in Commonwealth. Although sometimes cumbersome to apply, the laws and regulations are in place to provide fair and uniform application of assessments for everyone.

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1. What are property taxes?
2. When and how is property valued?
3. Who are the Assessors?
4. When and where does the board meet?
5. What are the Assessors’ responsibilities?
6. Why is the previous owner’s name (seller/grantor) on the real estate tax bill when I am the “new” owner?
7. How can I reduce my property tax bill? / What is an abatement? / Are there other ways to lower my taxes?
8. What is Market value?
9. What is Longmeadow’s fiscal year?
10. When are changes to the improvements applied to the property value as compared to changes in value due to market conditions?
11. What is real property?
12. What is real estate?
13. What is personal property?
14. How is the property tax rate calculated?
15. What is Proposition 2½?
16. What do I need to know about motor vehicle excise?
17. Questions or Comments