What does this bylaw require?

The Outdoor Water Use Bylaw will allow the Town of Longmeadow’s Board of Water Commissioners (the Select Board), the Town Manager, and/or the DPW Director to limit non-essential outdoor water use for all public water supply customers through the declaration of a local "State of Water Supply Conservation", “State of Drought” or "State of Water Supply Emergency" and includes civil fines should a public water user be found to be in noncompliance. It also includes additional language that allows the Town to regulate the installation of in-ground irrigation systems by requiring that these systems are registered with the DPW’s Water Department and are properly installed according to the Uniform State Plumbing Code (248 CMR 10.00). Lastly, irrigation systems will need to be installed with (or, if pre-existing, retrofitted with) timing devices that can be set to make the systems conform with the Town’s nonessential outdoor water use restriction; and with moisture-sensor or weather-based irrigation controllers.

The proposed Outdoor Water Use Bylaw does not regulate outdoor water use when precipitation is at normal or plentiful levels and States of Water Supply Conservation, Drought, and Water Supply Emergency are not in effect. The proposed bylaw also does not regulate outdoor water use from private wells, use for health or safety reasons; use required by regulation; use for the production of food and fiber; use for the maintenance of livestock; or use to meet the core functions of a business.

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1. What does this bylaw require?
2. Why is this bylaw being proposed now? Do other communities have similar bylaws or ordinances?
3. Isn't our excess water usage due to large institutions? Why do residents need to comply when individually, we use very little water compared to a golf course or institutional facility?
4. What will compliance with this bylaw cost me? Will the Town help pay for / cover the cost of compliance?
5. Why do I need a backflow prevention device for my irrigation system?
6. How will this bylaw be enforced, and will it cause additional burdens to our already under-resourced staff?