Have the numbers declined?

Yes. Continuous risk assessment and contingent planning are being conducted throughout the planning of this event and will remain ongoing during the period leading up to Town Meeting. Longmeadow has had a marked downturn in active cases for several weeks. At its peak we averaged 15-20 active cases in the community. We are now in the single digits (including congregate housing). Currently local data would suggest that the community spread of COVID-19 has slowed significantly and the number of active cases in the community are few.  In fact, this data is currently supporting the phased re-opening and reconstitution of many other public and private functions. 

If during the period leading to the event, community spread or other conditions related to COVID-19 change, local health officials will inform the Moderator, who consults them regularly on risk assessment. If the figures should rise, the Moderator will postpone the meeting due to a public health / safety issue. A record of attendees and participants will be maintained should there be a need for contact tracing. All staff and volunteers associated with this event have reviewed and acknowledged the Town of Longmeadow COVID-19 Employee Guidance and participated in the self-screening/self-certifying process.

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1. Can we have a town meeting?
2. How did the date get chosen for June 23?
3. Have the numbers declined?
4. Why is this outside?
5. What measures will be taken to create a safe environment for people?
6. Should anyone stay home?
7. If I work in healthcare, may I participate?
8. How do we get in?
9. What are the procedures for check-in?
10. May I sit wherever I want?
11. Can I bring my own chair or blanket?
12. Will the area be accessible?
13. What restroom facilities are available?
14. May I leave whenever I want?
15. May I bring children?
16. May I bring my dog/pet?
17. Can you take everyone’s temperature?
18. What public health guidance is the Town following?
19. What have you done to make sure everyone can hear?
20. Will visual aids be used?
21. Will there be an opportunity to learn more about the warrant articles?
22. Can we deliberate as we normally do?
23. What will the microphone set-up be like?
24. Will the meeting be long?
25. Why not have the meeting in July?
26. Can this be online?
27. Can’t we vote on articles by a ballot?
28. Are other towns having town meetings?
29. What other sites were considered?
30. Why couldn’t we have a drive-in Town Meeting?
31. Will there be a visitors’ section?
32. What will we do if it rains?
33. Can we distribute literature or hold signs?