What is a feasibility study?
The high school feasibility study is a requirement of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). It is the first and most important step in determining the long term solution for the high school (new building or renovation).
It includes but is not limited to an in depth analysis of the current electrical, mechanical, structural, safety, code compliance, building envelope, energy management and educational programming/curriculum needs of the high school, as well as the conceptual and schematic designs and drawings for the solution selected.

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1. What is a feasibility study?
2. Who conducts the feasibility study?
3. What is the difference between an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) and Designer Architect?
4. How long will the feasibility study take
5. Wasn’t there a study done on the high school a few years back?
6. How much will the feasibility study cost?
7. How will the town pay for the study?
8. What is the financial impact of the debt exclusion for the high school?
9. What if the debt exclusion fails and the town votes down the monies?