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Carmen Bastos
Marketing Coordinator

232 North Main Street
East Longmeadow, MA  01028
(413) 525-2002 Bank
(413) 224-2316 Direct Line
(413) 224-2338 Fax


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Matt Hastings
Account Representative, Town of Longmeadow

1 Federal Street, Building 111-4
Springfield, MA 01105
(413)567-2000 ext. 50136 - Office
800-208-3041 ext. 50136 - Toll Free
(413)237-0051 - Cell Phone
(413)567-1953 - Fax

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treasury direct
To Establish Direct Deposits into your Treasury Direct Account for Savings Bonds purchases
See the Human Resources Department to complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change form with the following information:
  • You should set up your account by following the directions in the link above prior to visiting HR.
  • Receiving Bank Name: TREASURYDIRECT
  • ABA/RTN/Routing Number: 051736158
  • The Account number is your Treasury Direct Account Number provided to you followed by the letter P if you are using the Payroll Savings Plan or omit the "P" if you are not using a Payroll Savings Plan but instead would like the funds deposited into the C of I for marketable securities and savings bonds. Do not use hyphens.
  • When asked what type of account you can select checking or savings, it does not make a difference to the Treasury Direct system

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