Public Education

Educating our citizens is a priority! The building of a new high school or the significant renovation of the current high school in Longmeadow has been a topic of discussion for many years. Now that the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has placed LHS on the short list of candidates for funding consideration, our discussions are becoming an exciting reality!

Project Impact
This reality is significant for every resident of Longmeadow and not just those who currently have or will have children in the public school system. However, the LHS Project is more than a school redevelopment project, it is the improvement of a major, long-term town asset. It is the largest building project Longmeadow has undertaken since the initial construction of the high school over 50 years ago. The project will affect every one of us for many years, in different ways:
  1. It is the cornerstone of our public education system, and, therefore, enables the achievement and reputation of excellence in education to continue for the next 50 years.
  2. The public high school building will be a landmark of town character and civic pride.
  3. Property values are indirectly influenced by the investment in the public school system and the development of critical town assets.
  4. Residents bear a portion of the cost through property taxes.
Because each resident of Longmeadow will be impacted by this project, the School Building Committee (SBC) members are committed to reaching out to as many residents as possible during the development process. The project will not be successful without the input, understanding and support of our citizens along the way.

Questions must be asked and issues raised and addressed. Processes work best and informed decisions are made when people are involved and encouraged to communicate. Therefore, the SBC cordially invites all town residents to tour Longmeadow High School and to attend a public forum where questions from the public are welcomed.