Planning & Community Development

Office of the Building Commissioner

This department issues building permits and enforces the standards of the Massachusetts State Building Code and the Town’s Zoning Bylaws

Role of the Building Commissioner

The Building Commissioner is the administrative chief and is responsible for administering and enforcing the state building code and the architectural access code. Additionally, the Longmeadow Building Commissioner acts as the Town's chief Zoning Enforcement Officer and managers any other zoning enforcement officers the Town may employ.

The enforcement power of Building Commissioners is total, and they can order a building closed for non-compliance with its standards. The owner, landlord or tenant may appeal a ruling to the Board of Appeals, or directly to the Hampden County Housing Court. The Building Commissioner also acts as Longmeadow's zoning enforcement officer enforces the Zoning Bylaws of the town.

The Commonwealth must certify the Building Commissioner. Learn more about the Massachusetts Federation of Building Officials.

Plumbing and Electrical Inspectors

For email access, send email correspondence to the Building Commissioner or the Building, Planning, & Community Development Administrative Assistant. Plumbing and Electrical Inspectors are responsible for administering and enforcing the state plumbing and gas code / electrical code. 

Plumbing inspectors

  • Heath Dion
  • Paul Vona - Alternate

Electrical inspectors

  • Michael Leary
  • Andrew Dutko - Alternate

Building Permits and the Permitting Process

For access to our online permitting portal, please click the link on the sidebar on left of the page.

For additional information on what permits your project may require, please contact the Building Department via phone or email.

Planning & Community Development Office

Residents, property owners, and developers should use this office as a contact point for zoning, re/development, and other land use matters.

Role of the Planning & Community Development Department

The primary functions of the Planning & Community Development Department are to: 

  • serve as technical and administrative staff to the Town Manager and as staff liaison to the boards and commissions overseeing land use legislation, including the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals;
  • manage the regulatory process for development proposals submitted to the Planning Board as required under Longmeadow's Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision Rules and Regulations. As part of that process, the Planning Department coordinates relevant municipal departmental evaluations of development proposals for their contribution towards community planning goals and to their impacts on community safety and infrastructure.;
  • oversee the creation and implementation of long range plans; and
  • develop proposals for and implement relevant grant programming. 

Zoning & Subdivision Permits and the Permitting Process

For access to our online permitting portal, please click the link on the sidebar on left of the page. All permits must be submitted to the Town Clerk's Office to be accepted and time-stamped.

All applicants are encouraged to start with a preliminary meeting which allows the applicant and the Town to have a conversation about the possible site development and the specifics of the permitting process. From the preliminary meeting, the applicant can expect:

  • To better understand what is and is not allowed on a specific property, per Town Zoning Bylaws and any other local or state regulations governing land use;
  • To better understand the potential permitting processes and timelines involved;
  • To better understand what will be required of both the applicant and the Town, should the applicant decide to move forward; and
  • To establish the next steps.

Applicants are not expected to have site plans or official application submittal materials at a stage one meeting but are encouraged to bring whatever preliminary documents are available. There are no obligations from either side as a result of this meeting; it is strictly informational.

For more information on a project's permitting process you may visit Community Development Permitting Portal. To request a preliminary meeting with relevant Town staff, contact either the Building Commissioner (for all work related to building, electrical, or plumbing permits) or the Planning Director (for any applicant needing review by the Planning Board).