FY11 Rate Comparison

This page will allow you to compare water and sewer rates for 2011 with the bills you got in 2010. You need to refer to your 2010 water bill in order to use this comparison method.
  • Step 1: Look at your last water/sewer bill and see what your "Water/Sewer Admin Fee" is.
  • Step 2: Click on that amount on the list of fee documents.
  • Step 3: Look on you last bill under the “usage HCF” column for the amount of water used.
  • Step 4: Compare the bill you got this year with the estimated bill you will get in 2011.
Disclaimer: These are residential rate comparisons, and commercial rates may be different based on increased sewer usage (residential sewer usage stops at 220 units per year).

Comparisons Based on Your Water/Sewer Admin Fee