Snow Removal

Snow Removal Procedure

During any Winter Storm, the DPW Operations Manager remains in contact with the Longmeadow Police & Fire Departments and the DPW on-call personnel. Depending on accumulation, temperature and predicted snowfall, the DPW Operations Manager will make the decision as to when to notify DPW personnel assigned to salt and plow routes to begin treating roads with salt or to begin snow removal operations.

Longmeadow Resident's Guide to Winter Snow & Ice Operations and Procedures

Public Works Department Will No Longer Be Plowing Sidewalks
NOTE – Due to recent personnel reductions in the department, the public works department will no longer be plowing sidewalks throughout town that are designated as school routes. Residents abutting these sidewalks will be responsible for removing snow and ice from walkways as required in the by-laws and as required on other sidewalks within the town not previously plowed by the town. Following is the applicable by-law:

4-310. Snow Removal
a) A person who is a resident or an owner of property on which or adjacent to which there is a hard surfaced sidewalk that is under the control of the Town shall clear the sidewalk of ice and snow within twenty-four (24) hours after the precipitation ceases to fall. If the sidewalk becomes covered with ice that cannot be readily removed, the resident or owner shall place sand or ashes on the sidewalk to render the walk safe for pedestrians.