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Licenses will be issued in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 Sections 129B and 131.

  • Firearms Identification Card (FID): Permits the purchase, possession, and transportation of non-large-capacity rifles, shotguns, and ammunition.
  • License to Carry (LTC): Permits the purchase, possession, transportation, and carrying of all large- and non-large-capacity handguns, rifles, shotguns, and feeding devices, as well as ammunition. This is the only license that allows the carrying of concealed handguns-either loaded or unloaded.

To apply for a Firearms Identification Card (F.I.D.) or License To Carry (L.T.C.)

  1. Contact the LPD Records Bureau: – (413) 567-3311 Ext. 9150 (M-F between the hours of 9:00am and 1:00pm) and schedule an appointment with one of our Licensing Officers.
  2. Fill out the attached Massachusetts Resident LTC/FID Application and bring it along with any supporting documents with you to your scheduled appointment.

LTC:  State approved Basic Safety Course Certificate required

  • RESTRICTED LTC (Target, Hunting, Sporting, Collecting, and Re-enactment)
  • UNRESTRICTED Application Requirements:
  1. State Approved Basic Safety Course; It is stronglyrecommended you complete a Basic Safety Course with a Live-Fire component.
  2. In addition to completing a State approved Basic Safety Course, applicants for an Unrestricted LTC will be requested to provide a written supplement identifying the applicant’s purpose for seeking an unrestricted LTC.  This will assist the Licensing Authority with assessing the prohibited person and suitability requirements of the statute.


  • There is a $100.00 non-refundable application fee.  This fee is waived for persons age 70 or older when renewing a LTC/FID.
  • The fee for FID applicants under the age of 18 is $25.00.
  • These fees may be paid only in the form of a personal or bank check made out to the Town of Longmeadow.  CASH IS NOT ACCCEPTED
  • The application fee will not be refunded if the applicant is denied.

Questions regarding Firearms and/or Firearm Licensing?

Please use the form to the right for general information inquiries and a member of our department will respond within 3-5 business days.  If this is an emergency, please dial 911.


In addition, Question # 4 on the application asks, “Have you ever appeared in any court as a defendant for any criminal offense (excluding non-criminal traffic offenses)?  The key word here is “appeared”.  This does not mean just following an arrest.  You must account for any court appearance as a criminal defendant, except for non-criminal traffic offenses.  Having been arrested or charged, and convicted of a crime does not necessarily prohibit someone from getting a license to carry firearms or an FID card.  Not listing the appearance will.

Please note that “ever appeared” includes all adult and juvenile court appearances. It does not matter if you were found “not guilty”, “not delinquent”, if the charges were “dismissed”, or if the case was “continued without a finding”, etc.  You must list all appearances.  If you don’t answer the questions truthfully, we will receive the information as part of the normal application process. There is no length of time that secures this information.  You must tell us if you have a “sealed” record, but you do not have to disclose what the offense was.  We will receive notification of any “sealed record” disqualifiers from the Commonwealth.  As a result of enacting the Massachusetts Gun Control Act of 1998, for the purposes of firearms licensing, any and all previous detentions, arrests, court appearances, juvenile adjudications, including any “Sealed” records will be accessed and considered in order to determine the statutory eligibility and suitability of all applicants for licenses to carry and possess firearms.

If necessary, you may contact the Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board ( to learn how to obtain your Massachusetts criminal record check before you submit your application.

New LTC applicants
Must be 21 years of age or older to obtain a permit. In accordance with MGL Ch. 140, Sec. 131(a) & (b); Issuing of LTCs is also “subject to such restrictions relative to the possession, use or carrying of firearms as the licensing authority deems proper” An LTC costs $100.00 and is valid for 6 years.

New FID applicants
Must be 18 years or older (or 14-17 years of age with parental consent. Applicants 14 years old may apply, but will not be issued the card until they reach age 15). In accordance with MGL Ch. 140, Sec. 129B; “Any person residing or having a place of business within the jurisdiction of the licensing authority or any person residing in an area of exclusive federal jurisdiction located within a city or town may submit to the licensing authority an application for a firearm identification card, or renewal of the same, which the licensing authority shall issue if it appears that the applicant is not a prohibited person”. The fee for an FID card is $100.00 for people 18 years of age or older and $25 for applicants under 18 years of age. It is valid for 6 years.

Firearm License Renewals
Firearm licenses are valid for 6 years. You must submit a request with Longmeadow Police Department for a renewal prior to the expiration date of your current license. If your application for renewal is made prior to the expiration date, your current license remains valid until the renewal is either approved or denied. Additional training is not required.

Chemical Spray (MACE)
FID card for Chemical Spray is not required unless applicant is under the age of 18.

Training Requirements
In accordance with MGL Ch. 140, Sec. 131P (a) all first time firearm license applicants must successfully complete a MA Certified Firearms Safety Course or a Basic Hunter Education Course and submit a certificate of completion with their firearms license application.  If you are applying for an LTC without restrictions, it is strongly recommended you complete a Basic Safety Course with a Live-Fire component.

Certified Firearms Safety Courses
Courses are taught by independent instructors certified by the Mass. Department of State Police and are usually a 1-day course. Taking a firearms safety course is your best option if you are simply trying to fulfill the training requirement to apply for a Mass. firearms license.

Basic Hunter Education Courses
Courses are administered by the Division of Fisheries & Wildlife and are taught throughout the state by certified volunteer instructors. The Basic Hunter Education course includes recommended performance guidelines for all novice hunters. People interested in obtaining a hunting license as well as apply for an FID should take this course.

Any improper use reported to our department may result in the permanent revocation of your License to Carry Firearms on the grounds of suitability.

If you are denied or disqualified for any reason you will be notified in writing of both the reason for denial and the appeal process.

Instructor course pamphlets are available in the Police station lobby or on the Department’s webpage. (Instructors are not affiliated with the Longmeadow Police Department).

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