Middle School Building Committee

The Middle School Building Committee was formed in September of 2022 in accordance with 963 CMR 2.00. The Committee was formed in accordance with the provisions of all applicable statutes, local charters, bylaws and agreements of the Town of Longmeadow. Membership includes Select Board, School Committee and Town employee representatives as well as community members with applicable skills and experience to support the mission and objectives of the Middle School Building Committee. 

Facility Needs for Middle Schools 


  • Armand Wray, Chair - Appointed by Longmeadow School Committee
  • Julie Morgan, Vice Chair - School Committee Member
  • Joshua Levine - Select Board Member
  • Lyn N. Simmons - Town Manager
  • Nicole Choiniere - School Committee Member
  • Marty O'Shea - Superintendent 
  • Nicholas Georgantas - Director of Facilities
  • Nikcole Allen - Principal, Glenbrook Middle School
  • Elizabeth Nelson, Principal, Williams Middle School
  • Carissa Rosenblum - Appointed by Longmeadow School Committee
  • Paul Pasterczyk - Finance Director
  • Christopher Legiadre - Appointed by Longmeadow Select Board
  • David McGrane - Appointed by Longmeadow Select Board
  • Thomas Mazza - Asst. Superintendent for Finance and Operations
  • Chad Thompson - Procurement Manager, MCPPO Certified