Building & Zoning Code Enforcement

Zoning code enforcement is governed by Longmeadow Zoning Bylaw Article I Section E (Administration & Enforcement)  and Massachusetts General Laws (MGL). The Building Commissioner is the Town's chief zoning code enforcement officer, and all requests for zoning code enforcement should be directed to the Building Department.

Request for Building / Zoning Code Enforcement

Please submit all requests for the Building Commissioner to investigate an alleged building or zoning code violation in writing via our Building / Zoning Code Enforcement form. You may submit the form online via our website (link below), or by picking up a hard copy at the Building Department office. The Town is not obligated to investigate verbal or anonymous requests.

Building / Zoning Enforcement Form (web-based) 

What Happens After I Submit a Building/Zoning Enforcement Form?

Per Longmeadow Zoning Bylaw Article I Section E (Administration & Enforcement), the Building Commissioner has 14 days in which to act on a zoning complaint, after which the Commissioner shall report such action in writing to the complainant. This report will be sent by post to the address of the complainant and will be postmarked within 14 days of receipt of the complaint. 

Complainants are requested not to contact the Building Department with questions about the status of their complaint until after 14 days have elapsed.

Appealing Violation Findings & Enforcement Actions

Both the alleged violator and the complainant can appeal any zoning enforcement findings and actions within 30 days of the decision as prescribed by MGL Chapter 40A Sec 15.

The petitioner should file a notice of appeal, specifying the grounds of grievance, with the Town Clerk and deliver a copy of the same notice (including the date and time of filing certified by the Town Clerk) to the office of the Building Department. The Building Commissioner will then transmit the notice to the Zoning Board of Appeals all documents and papers constituting the record of the case in which the appeal is taken.