Mad Science: Energy, Forces & Flight, Grades K-5 (Spring Session)


Grades: K - 5

Dates: See Below

Time: 2:45 - 4:00pm

Location: See Below

Fee: $172


Center School

Mondays Apr 1 - Jun 3 (no 4/15, 5/27)

BBH School

Tuesdays Apr 2 - May 28 (no 4/16)

Wolf Swamp School

Wednesdays Apr 3 - May 29 (no 4/17)
compass magnet

We Will Explore:

  • Magnetic Magic

  • Super Structures

  • Fantastic Fliers

  • Moving Motion

  • Watts Up

  • FUN-damental Forces

  • Energy Burst

  • Science of Toys


In this exciting after school series, students explore inertia, gravity and centripetal force! 

They will learn about tension and compression as we experiment to see what the strongest shapes are. Children will learn humans aren’t the only ones who build things—robots can too…once we build them! 

We will also learn through play about potential and kinetic energy. Many more exciting topics will be covered throughout the term.

Pack a peanut/tree nut free snack and a drink


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