MassSaves Program - Find rebates, tips, and tools to help all types of homes save energy year-round. See Rebate Status. Lower Your Energy Bills. Save on Energy Costs. Highlights: Providing Helpful Guidance, Learning Center Available, Save Money.

Green Communities Grant -The Green Community Designation and Grant Program provides a road map along with financial and technical support to municipalities that 1) pledge to cut municipal energy use by an ambitious and achievable goal of 20 percent over 5 years and 2) meet four other criteria established in the Green Communities Act.

Solar programs -Solarize Mass seeks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity in communities through a competitive solicitation process that aggregates homeowner buying power to lower installation prices for participants.

Electric Vehicle Incentives - Massachusetts has a number of rebates and incentives for electric vehicle ownership.

Composting Hear about backyard composting by member Dave Marinelli.

Incentives from the IRS for energy-efficient improvements.