Pothole Season Driving Tips

pothole season sign

Maintain the proper air pressure in your tires.

Safety is the biggest concern, if you hit a pothole and it damages your car, move out of the flow of traffic before calling for assistance.

Slow down if you see a pothole in front of you. The faster you hit it, the greater the impact and potential for damage. Avoid braking directly over a pothole. It can actually cause more damage.

If you’re able to avoid a pothole by changing lanes, check all sides prior to the lane change.

If you have to drive over a pothole, firmly grip the steering wheel to avoid losing control.

A puddle in the middle of a road could be a pothole in disguise. Avoid driving through it if possible.

When driving at night, choose well-lit routes so you can see the surface in front of you.

Reoccurring loss of tire air pressure or steering wheel vibration may signal vehicle damage due to potholes.

If you encounter a pothole in Longmeadow, please call 413-567-3400 or email publicworks@longmeadow.org.